NXT Programming

Lesson 6, Robot Race

In this lab session we will try to make an autonomous Lego car that drive as fast as possible following the Alishan train track. The Alishan train track has been used at a robot competition called World Robot Olympiad in 2007. The origional rules for the Alishan train track competition are more complicated than the rules we are going to use for our robot race but the track is the same except that the start area - the flat area at the floor level - is covered with a green color.

Figure 1 The Alishan train track.


  • The car must start from the start area. No part of the car is allowed to exceed the start area.
  • A push on ENTER starts the car and the car should then follow the track to the retrace area, the top platform. From the retrace area the car should drive back until the car drives into the start area again. When the car is in the strart area again it should stop and time elapsed since start should be shown in the LCD. The car should be completely inside the start area before it stops.
  • When on the top the car should be completely inside the retrace area before going back.

You are allowed to use any LEGO elements to build your car.

The lab report from this lesson should contain a video that documents the drive and the best result given in sec and msec. In case your group has not been able to make a car that can follow the track up and down simply end with the best result as "infinity".

Here is a list of videoes that documents different drives:

Last update: 20-1-17